You are in a journey and I want to help you get there. Online counseling is the support you need on your journey to help you Reflect, Connect, and Heal. Reflect on what has happened in the past, connect those to the present, and heal so you may live with peace, harmony and acceptance. 

Do you have questions about your life? Why do you find yourself in certain situations? Or certain type of relationships? 

Maybe is a difficult transition in your life right now and you may be wondering why things happened the way they did. Maybe emotions have been intense lately and you would like to know how to feel better. 

I have work extensively with persons who are having or have experienced not only the above but also depression, anxiety, panic, or post-traumatic stress. If you have been a victim of a crime, survived a near-death experience or any kind of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, I would like to help you put the puzzle pieces together and know how to heal so that you could live fully and free of the weight of it. 

The process is a journey and I would like to walk along side this journey with you. 

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Silvia Avila

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor 

IL #180.008964

Bridgeport Art Center

1200 W. 35th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

​Tel: 773-850-7366