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How to Keep Sane During the COVID-19 Crisis

No doubt we are facing a crisis. I feel compelled to write this and give you some brief but critical information to keep your mental and emotional health during the pending lock-down and managing this COVID-19 crisis. We are all struggling and we need to be there for one another.

1. Take it day by day. Sounds cliche but it really is helpful at times when things are out of control. The best you can do is focus on the present moment. Focus on only today. Today, you are ok. I know there are so many worries not only about the illness itself but also about the future, finances, employment, debt, etc. The truth is, all those things are out of our control right now. We must take a deep breath, and lean towards trust and not fear. Trust. Trust that we will make it thru. You must trust the world. The world, people, will be there for you. We will help you. We don't let each other fall. Reflect on our unity and you will feel safer.

2. This is the perfect moment to reflect. On everything in your life. However, do it peacefully, with love and compassion (create a judgement free zone). I recommend journaling during this time. Start by journaling about your dreams and goals and become excited about them. Then, work your way backwards. How will you make it there? What changes can you do or should do to make it there? You can journal about anything and use this time to reflect on yourself, your life, your goals, your relationships, etc.

3. This is an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your family. Embark on a journey of giving your family a lot of love, practice forgiveness, and maybe have some compassionate, loving conversations.

4. Remember that all you have control over in this world, is YOU. Move your body. Join a live streaming yoga or dance class. The power of just moving your body and dancing to some fun music for only 10 minutes is incredible, give it a try! Dancing for 10 minutes and stretching your body is all your body needs to wake up and it will definitely boost your mood!

4. Come up with some ideas about some skills or fun things you can do online with your time. Maybe take that online side hustle to the next level, learn to make an app, take a free online course about anything. Digitize your already existing gig. Or maybe just have some silly fun. Offer something free for your community. So many people are coming forward with free online classes, take advantage of these!

5. One of the best ways to reduce anxiety is deep breathing. Think exercise for your lungs. Take in as much oxygen in your inhale as you possible can, feeling your lungs stretch to the max, then hold the oxygen for a couple of seconds, then release slooooowwwly and with control. Practice deep breathing several times a day and you will experience the benefits in a few days. Consistency is Key. You will feel calmer and in control of your emotions.

There is always peace after the storm, remember and trust that.


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