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We Must Treasure Artists

We are meant to grow and evolve. Art is here to elevate us and help us evolve. Look at a piece of art and notice your reaction. Whatever thought, feeling, or increased self understanding or experience you had - would not be possible without the artist. That piece of art tells the world something- that is alive and perfect in the most mysterious ways. It didn’t exist before it was created. Now it exists and it moved something in you. You have been inspired and elevated by an artist.

Artists are so valuable to society. We must cherish them, treat them with high value - they are the connection between where we are and what’s ahead of us. They take us there. Without artists there may not be evolution. We would be the same and never grow. Art makes us question and when you ask questions you evolve.

How do artists get all this creativity and ability to create something that didn’t exist before and to be able to touch you in incredibly powerful and mysterious ways? Well, artists must be in true connection with their emotions, with people, and everything that is happening around them in order to be able to play “communicator” and help close the gap between us and the universe.

Us non artists, we get so caught up w norms. With how things must be or how we think life should be. What we should do. Artists show us that there is no “should”. We are designed to evolve. We cannot stay remnant. Art is the light on the road to evolution. Artists turn the lights on for us.

When an artist commits suicide, it is a tragedy and an immense loss for humans. We lose so much. We lose all the art the artist didn’t produce. The feelings, thoughts, and experiences that remained unprovoked. We would never know how life could have been different with that one missing piece of art. Those lights will remain dark. When an artist dies, lights go off on certain aspects of our evolution. When our guides to human evolution are struggling to make it another day, we all struggle. They are too precious. Each artists has a unique special talent and purpose.

In Honor of:

Jim Morrison

Kurt Cobain

Anthony Bourdain

Chester Bennington

And many others.....


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