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Mental Health Evaluations for Immigration














Silvia Avila is a

 Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator (CFMHE)

in the State of Illinois with an Immigration Specialization.



A mental health (also named psychological) evaluation is a document at times required by Immigration to process a petition for a US Visa or legal status.

It is required at times for people processing certain types of Visas such as:


For those who were victims of a crime in the US


Violence Against Women Act, also applicable to all genders

T Visa

A visa that is available to victims of human trafficking


Extreme Hardship for Spouse or Relative

The severe and unusual hardship that a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) would experience if a qualifying relative were to be denied admission to the United States or were to be removed from the United States

The process for completing an evaluation is as follows:

You will complete a questionnaire online prior to the appointment that will give me an overview of your case, the purpose of your evaluation, and the type of case or visa you are petitioning for.

The next step will be an individual session of 2-3 hours via video camera to complete the rest of the clinical assessments.

Your report will be completed within 3 weeks.

I am able to accommodate emergency evaluations (within 5-10 days) for an additional fee.

I can serve anyone living in the State of Illinois. 


Every professional writes their evaluations according to their own style, experience, and training. Based on my research, most mental health/psychological evaluations for immigration range between 5-20 pages.

The reports I write have consistently been 12-15 pages.


The reports I write consist of: 

A brief summary of your background

Family and trauma history

Full description of the incident, relationship, or event for which you are petitioning

Description of your current state of physical, mental, and emotional health

The overall impact that the incident, relationship or event had in your life and psychological state

A description of your symptoms

Description and results of 1-2 clinical assessments 

A diagnosis (if applicable) 

Recommendations for treatment if needed

CV and Credentials

In addition, I review and include information from police reports, medical records, and any letter you may have written for your case describing the incident, relationship, or event.

I include information about children and dependents and any special medical, physical, or psychological need they may have.

This is important information to include on your report. 

Please consult your lawyer on whether you will need a mental health/psychological evaluation for your immigration case. 


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