It takes great courage and strength to be willing to face emotional doubts. I strive to treat all my clients with respect, support, and dignity regardless of the life difficulties they may be facing. I have great confidence in my skills as a clinician based on my education and experience. 

I specialize in working with clients who may be experiencing intense emotions such as deep sadness, frustration, anger, emptiness, feelings of not belonging or having the same value as others, panic, giving up, being in an unhealthy relationship, fighting or arguing with family members, and/or simply feeling "stuck". I have helped many clients heal and recover from depression, anxiety, post -traumatic stress, the impact of sexual abuse, break-ups, and other emotional difficulties. ​


I have also helped many couples re-build their relationship with a solid foundation of respect, trust, empathy, communication, and most importantly, love. 

Silvia Avila

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor 

Bridgeport Art Center

1200 W. 35th Street

Chicago, IL 60609

​Tel: 773-850-7366