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Couples Therapy


I offer Couples Therapy to help resolve conflict in your relationship.
We will discuss the harmful dynamics that may be present in your relationship.
It is no one's fault.
Relationships decay on their own for lack of maintenance.
We must maintain them.
Some examples of harmful dynamics that could be present in your relationship are:
Control, Jealousy, Insecurities, Infidelity, Lack of Intimacy, Distancing, Detachment, Judgement, Criticism, Contempt, Resentment, Poor Communication Skills, Abandonment, lack of Acceptance, among others.

Talking about these issues will allow you to reconnect Physically and Emotionally with your partner.
A session is 1-2 hours long.
If you need more time, there is always more time.
Couples benefit from monthly sessions.
There is no specific number of sessions as every relationship is different.

I recommend taking 1-3 individual sessions prior to starting with Couples Therapy in order to gather your thoughts, vent, and set your individual goals, such as Emotional Regulation if needed.
Especially if your relationship is in high distress.
You must be able to Self-Regulate (remain calm) in order to do Couples Therapy.
Individual work is necessary to make a relationship work.

I can not wait to help you have a more
Loving, Passionate, and Intimate Relationship 
where both of you feel
Accepted, Understood, Supported, Valued, Appreciated, and LOVED.


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